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FAQ/SUPPORT - INFO: Stock status and order p
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INFO: Stock status and order p
We at are running custom made, semi automatic stock- and ordering system. It is integrated with our online shop and constantly upgraded with new features.

Please read this information to understand better how your order is processed and how to interpret our stock status information shown in our web shop.

When you place an order in our shop, the shown stock information should be be considered as preliminary. This is for two reasons:

1. We have two stocks, you can see staus of both for evey item you place in your shopping cart. After you place your order we might change the assigned stock for the best choice, depending what stock can ship your pakage faster. But if you order mixed items where some are missing in both stocks your order will be Waiting” until one of the stocks is refilled with all your items. This will delay your shipment.

2. Our system doesn’t reserve the stock for your order at once (as soon you have placed the order), but as soon we register your payment. We check and register the payments several times a day of course but not in real time.

Even if our stock IS really sufficient at the time you place your order, it might become insufficient just one minute later! Or we might run of of stock before your payment is done and registered by us!

This is only a problem when we are running very short on stock for some items or when we have a lot or orders same day (mostly at Christmas season).

We choose this way to work beacause many custommers don’t pay at once or never pay for their orders. It may be for different reasons, like the credit card is not working, the payments arrive to our bank accounts after few days, or just they are changing their minds. Also if some body make a fake order for big number of items the stock would show ”empty” at once even if it is not empty.

We apology for those potential problems you may experiance. We know how important it is for you to trust on your suppliers and provided information.

Right now (winter 2007/2008) we are working on improving this system and offer better, more acurate stock information in our shop. We will also implement an automatically email system for order/stock change status! This will keep you up to date with information about your order and decrese number of emails we get with order status questions. Another improvement we will make very soon is a real-time order status check for you, shown online in our shop.

Staff at
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Supercard DS Two for Nintendo DS DSi DSXL 3DS

R4 flash cartds for Nintendo DS DSi DS XL 3DS

HD Fury official distributor

Cobra USB / ODE for PS3 - official distributor

Team-Xecuter - Xecuter distributor

Gateway3DS - official distributor

MT-Card - official distributor

3K3y (PS3Key)

XKey (X360Key) for Xbox 360

Thanks for the TX Corona 4GB nand RW kit, it came i the post today. Very good no problem with custum this time, thanks for good service, I will be shoping there soon .
2012-12, Knut B. Norway
USB adapter, dongle for XK3y (sp
6,00 €

Cobra USB
39,50 €

HDfury 3 1080p Full-HD, HDMI 1.3
229,00 €

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition
49,00 €

XFPS 5.0 mouse and keybard Adapt
89,95 €

3k3y ODE Complet kit - for PS3 4
94,00 €

  We are official Xecuter reseller

We are official Squirt reseller

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