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Brand » Xecuter
  Xecuter J-R Programmer v2, NAND flasher, USB
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Product ID: Xjr2
Product SKU: TX186
Fast NAND JTag SPI reader / programmer. Includes full POST monitoring for the CR3 Pro rater feature. Speed enhancements are also included that puts it within 30 seconds of the high speed NAND-X.
NEW 2 Version with Full POSt Monitoring and CR3 Pro Rater Support. Also includes speed enhancements (2-3 minutes faster than JRP v1 !)

The new TX J-R Programmer V2 has been created to cater to the budget conscious and coded to work hand in hand with the latest version of the J-Runner app.

A third of the size of the TX NAND-X and optimized to run faster than any other USB-SPI based tool (Example Speeds: Others average 16M read 7m 20s, JRP v2 average 16M read 3mins), this nifty tool can fully read/write NAND over SPI, program CoolRunners or any Xilinx based RGH device over USB and also able to program onboard sounds using the TX SONUS 360 !

Complete with a CR JTAG cable so you simply plug n program without any soldering using the latest J-Runner App (needs to be at least Build 283). Also comes with NAND installation wires that have the connectors that are compatible with the NAND-X QSB boards. If you dont use the QSBs you can simply cut off the connectors and do a normal wires only install.

The J-R Programmer V2 is also fully upgradeable and can be programmed using the Xecuter X360USB PRO Update app. Onboard LEDs indicate Power and BootLoader mode.

RED LED: Bootloader Mode (Switch to the left)
GREEN LED: J-R Programmer Mode (Switch to the right)
RED LED FLASHING: R/W Activity & POST Activity (Switch to the right)

  • Fast NAND Programming
  • Fast XILINX CR JTAG Programming
  • Compatible with all CoolRunners inc the new CR3 Pro
  • Supports Full Post Monitoring
  • Compatible with both Phat and Slim
  • Onboard LEDs indicate Power & Data
  • Easy Install System
  • Compatible with All NAND-X QSBs
  • Includes Cable For QSB V3 Kit or Wires Install (QSB V3 Kits Sold Separately)
  • Includes Cable For Xilinx CRJTAG
  • Includes Cable for Xecuter Sonus 360 (Sonus 360 QSB Sold Separately
  • Trinity Kit or Corona Kit)
  • Includes KIOSK option for Remote On
  • Built-in Programmer For Future Firmware Upgrades
  • Designed for the latest J-Runner App (Build 283+)
  • Rock Solid Design Tested by the J-Runner Team
  • Supports New QSB V3 Kits (Solder Separately)
  • Supports Sonus 360 Programming
  • Affordable We Provide You With More For Less !
  • High Quality & Trusted TX Design

    Included in teh kit:
  • J-R Programmer
  • NAND Cable Set (Can fit to optional QSB or cut use as wires install)
  • CoolRunner JTAG Cable Set
  • Accessories (can be ordered separately):
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    Xexuter CR3 DGX / RGX - Coolrunner and CPU DVD Fast Key Extraction Tool (slim)
    This DGX add on is working with any SLIM XB360 console with all dashboards right now available.
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       31,99 €
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    TX CR3 Lite - Xecuter CoolRunner 3 LITE, JTAG Add-on board (reset glitch mod) for XBox 360
    TX CR3 Lite, xbox, coolrunner, Xecuter Cool Runner, JTAG, Reset Glitch Mod, Reset Glitch, xbox 360 reset, xbox 360 coolrunner, xbox 360 cool runner, rev c
      IN STOCK
       29,95 €
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    Xecuter CoolRunner JTAG Add-on board (reset glitch mod) for XBox 360 (rev. C)
    xbox, coolrunner, Xecuter Cool Runner, JTAG, Reset Glitch Mod, Reset Glitch, xbox 360 reset, xbox 360 coolrunner, xbox 360 cool runner, rev c
      IN STOCK
       24,99 €
        Added to our catalog: 2012-12-07         Last updated price: 2014-07-16    
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    2011-11, Aleksi V.
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