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» XBOX 360 / Mod chips
Brand » xk3y
  Xk3y Gecko, backup/dvd key extraction/AP25 game profiler device, USB 3
 49,00 €
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Product ID: Xk3yG
Rips your X360 game disks, make disk profiles, extract key/firmware. Only for XB360 Lite, compatible with all Lite-ON DVD but 1175 and newer.
NOTE: Right now it works with any stock Liteon 16D4S drive, Xbox 360 Slim (no other DVD modells, some of Slim models manufactured after June 2011 have D5S DVD, in that case you need to use RGH method to extract the DVD key).

For XB360 FAT we recommend the Xecuter X360USB Pro or Lizard 360.

Xk3y was the first product to defeat the "new" AP25 protection by adding support for Disk Profiles.

Immaculate Xbox360 backups can be created in minutes at blistering USB3 speeds, and as an added bonus you can also extract drive key and firmware! As you probably know it is no longer possible to use dae.bin to defeat AP25 on the latest dashboard.

Xk3y was the first product to defeat this "new" AP25 protection by adding support for Disk Profiles. Disk Profiles contains the correct responses to all AP25 challenges that can be issued for that game title, negating the need for dae.bin.

Current scene releases do not include this data and there is no ETA for it. XK3y has built in profiles for most current games but future releases will require the user to profile their game disks to obtain correct AP25 responses.

Feature List:
- Make perfect rips of your X360 and XGD3 game disks in a few minutes (Lite-On® DG-16D4S 9504 needed)
- Make game profiles for use with Xk3y*
- Allows key dump of DVD drive (dummy.bin)
- Intuitive interface for key/firmware extraction
- Seamless creation of dummy.bin file for use with Xk3y
- No CFW required, works with any stock Liteon 16D4S drive (removed the two **)
- USB3 for optimal speed and future proofing
- FW updates to support future drives
- Windows app to control device
- 16D5S under active development

* CFW compatibility can be added if/when it supports Disk Profiles

In The Box:
- Xk3y Gecko device
- High Quality 12V, 24W PSU with quick change connector (US, EU, UK, AU), CE/FCC approved**
- High-end shielded USB3 cable
- Power adapter, Euro PLUG (UK plug also avalible)
- SATA cable

** Comes with one connector per unit.

    Added to our catalog: 2011-12-17         Last updated price: 2014-05-29    
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10 years aniversary 2003 - 2013

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Thanks again for the personal touch and advice, Paul! Looking forward to soldering and playing!
2008-11 Richard B, China
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